BigBiz Anti-SPAM Policy

BigBiz Internet Services operates on a NO-SPAM network. Spam is defined as unsolicited e-mail of a commercial nature (usually advertising something). Unsolicited means that a person has never requested that information, or once was interested but no longer wants to receive that information. Also included would be inappropriate material posted to newsgroups and bulletin boards. Any attempts to alter headers to conceal their identity in such email or postings would also be considered inappropriate use.

We take a tough stance against SPAM and other mis-uses of the Internet and our services. Our policies prohibit using our services for mass mailing and mass posting. If we receive complaints about one of our customers we will immediately take action and shut off their services.

If you are planning to use spamming techniques for your marketing, please do yourself and us a favor and take your business elsewhere.

Thank You

The Network Administrators

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