Dear BigBiz Customer,

BigBiz Internet Services, in order to provide better value for our customers, has implemented a new
2-level email spam and anti-virus filtering scheme for our clients. Before we switch our clients over
to the new filtering system, we would like to inform you of the changes. Our testing shows the new
filtering system reduces unwanted email by about 50% on average.

Level 1 - Most (over 90%) of spam emails are rejected by the incoming mail server. Email refused at this
level will be bounced back to the sender and you will NOT receive a report about the bounced emails.
Level 1 has already been implemented for many years at BigBiz and there are no changes for the end user here.

Level 2 - Some spam (and virus) emails that make it past level 1 will be checked by the 2nd level filter.
Messages deemed likely to be spam or infected with a virus will be sent to quarantine. If you have email
in the quarantine, you will receive a daily report listing the quarantined emails and you will be given
the option to view and/or release the emails for delivery. You should add to your
personal white list so these quarantine emails do not end up in your spam filter.

The filters may occasionally detect marginal spam and allow the email through. In this case the subject
line will be prefixed with ***spam***. These emails may be legitimate, although our testing shows most
of these are not. You can optionally set your email program to sort all messages with subject containing
***Spam*** into your spam folder if you prefer not to see them in your inbox. The procedure to do this varies
with each email program, please consult your email program's user guide.

From time to time, BigBiz Internet Services may adjust the spam filters as we see fit to improve our
customers' experience.

We plan to roll out the new system for all our customers by mid-April 2016.

Thank you.